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This  is the  feedback received so far from people interested in forming a UFO Watch Group in Surrey:

Sherrie:-I would like to start a ufo group for surrey in england please advise me how i can go about this safely. iam a technophoebic i want the simplest way to advertise it.I have witnessed many sightings one at close hand and iam very sensitive to all paranormal issues. i have already spoken to the local publican and monday nights we are welcome. I want to call it the Surrey UFO Society (S.O.S) Be good to hear from you as its extremely frustrating in Surrey especially when its a hotspot for them.

Please leave a comment if you would like to be involved with UFO Watch Group in Surrey

Updated: December 18, 2010 — 9:43 pm


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  1. i realy would like to joine a watch group i live in manchester we have reqlaur orange orbs and need to joine a group

  2. Hi sherrie,
    Some friend and I are really interested in your group.
    I’m from Richmond area and would ne great to talk about. Feel free to drop me an email

    Many thnx

  3. Hi Sherrie. Im interested in being involved with a Surrey watch group too. Let me know what ur ideas/plans are. I would love to meet with like minded ppl but I have to admit that my spare time is very limited. Count me in where I can do what I can x

  4. im in guildford and i saw my first and only ufo this year! let me know if u organise something

  5. Hi sherrie I live in Kent near dartford I would be very interested in your group as I am a firm believer in UFO and paranormal and quite regularly go on ghost investigation but my real interest is ufo’s please feel free to contact me if you do get something going or if you need help with anything.

  6. I would be interested, but depends where in surrey you are looking to meet up or to sort it out on Mondays ?

    let me know

  7. I live in Nassau, Bahamas. Are there any watch groups in my country that i can join. Over the years i have seen several strange objects in the skies.

  8. Hi Sherrie,
    I am an avid UFO hunter and sky watcher.. I grew up around Guildford and have moved back to the area just last week. I was in Kent for about 4 years and caught a few UFO’s there. I am looking for UFO group to join, hope to go on some sky watches etc.. I use an IR converted camcorder for day watching.
    Would love to hear from you and see if you have managed to gather some people together.


  9. Definitely interested in this…count me in!

  10. Hi,

    I have had two unexplained sightings in Surrey (where I live) and would love details about any groups!

    Trevor, I’m in Guildford too. Have you had any sightings in Guildford?

  11. Hi Lily,

    I have only just moved back to Guildford after living away for 10 years in other places .. so nothing yet. although my first ever sighting was in this area when i was a boy ..

    I haven’t had any contact yet from anyone about doing a skywatch, but would love to go sky watching ..

    can contact me on trevorowen11@googlemail.com if you want to chat or arrange a skywatch sometime 🙂

  12. Hi Lily,

    Tried to leave my email but wouldn’t let me.. my first ever sighting was in the Guildford area when i was a boy.. just moved back to the area after living away for 10 yrs so nothing here just yet ..

    Contact me via my youtube page if you want to chat and maybe arrange a skywatch sometime 🙂


  13. Hah seems my first blog with email did work.. i see Doug you live in guildford,and also Suzanne, perhaps you live local too? .. so that could be 4 of us with lily, sounds like a group for skywatching in the Guildford to me 🙂


  14. Hi Trevor/Lily…
    I would very much like to be involved in local surrey watch group..
    has anyone got any closer to forming one..?
    i have been searching google for local ones to no avail!!!
    i did see that there was one in a pub in Putney ( SW London) which meet every month and discuss everything strange/paranormal so i guess that would be a good start to form something like this.

  15. Hi all,

    I’d love to get involved in a UFO sighting/paranormal group. Massive interest in the whole field ever since the early 90s.
    I’m in West Molesey near Hampton Court.
    There have been a few weird things that I’ve seen in the sky. The most impressive of which was a fleet of dancing lights in the sky following the family car in north Brittany (France) around 1993.
    I’m on Facebook/myspace/googlePlus


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