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UK UFO Sighting Report 180601 – Bright White Object – Red Post, Launcells, Bude, Cornwall – 21st June 2018

Location of Sighting: Red Post, Launcells, Bude, Cornwall
Date of Sighting: 21 June 2018
Time: 23.30
Witness Name: Ben M
Witness Statement: I was outside having a cigarette, still some light on the horizon but otherwise night time, clear sky, stars visible. I’m admiring the clear night sky when I catch a bright white flash in the corner of my eye, with a white trail, very much like a shooting star. From the end of the white trail a white dot, looking just like a star moves very quickly across the sky, far faster than a plane could, I follow it’s course across a huge distance and start to write it off as a satellite, when it stops almost instantly and slightly more slowly travels back the way it came, about a sixth of the distance it travelled initially. Then again, stopped changed direction again and sped off. No doubt in my mind it’s aerial performance was far away from any aircraft we have. I’m buzzing, I’ve never submitted a report like this before but had to tonight.

Updated: June 22, 2018 — 7:55 pm


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  1. Wow!! That sounds amazing! Have you got any pictures or video of your sighting?

  2. Everyone has a phone these days, surely you got some pics / vids right?

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