UK UFO Sighting Report 180602- Large Disc Shaped Object-Bradford West Yorkshire-October 2005

Location of Sighting: Bradford West Yorkshire England
Date of Sighting: Oct 2005
Time: 21.00
Witness Name: Lee f
Witness Statement:Me and a friend were sat in the garden, it was dark and around 21.00 hours I looked up and to my amazement it was just above us both.
A humongous disk.Motionless no noise didn’t even see it coming yet it was as big as a football field.
We couldn’t believe it ,I was looking for some sort of projector lights coming from the ground but there was nothing there,this thing was real !
It was with us for around a good 5 mins.just above us it was castle shape around the edge’s
( Embrasure) the craft had markings on it like Egyptian symbols I’d never seen anything like this.
I shouted my wife to come into the garden and look at the craft she came outside and her words were what the F

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