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We’ve had several requests recently from member of the public for details of any UFO watch groups in their local area.

If you’re in a local UFO watch group group or would like to start one then this is the place to make your request or submit your details.

If there is enough interest then I’m also looking at organising a UK-UFO Night Watch maybe later in the year or early next year. It would be great to get participants to submit their live eye witness accounts and get some instant interaction via say the UK-UFO Facebook and Twitter accounts. Any ideas or suggestions to get this off the ground would be most welcome.

Best Regards
Andy Mannion

14th December 2010-update

Looking at the comments so far here is a summary of?the areas where there is either an existing group or interest in setting one up :

  1. Surrey UFO Society-
  2. Shropshire-
  3. Kirby?in Ashfield, Notts
  4. Cardiff & Newport Gwent
  5. Manchester
  6. West Lothian
  7. Rochdale/Oldham/Todmorden-
  8. Derbyshire
  9. Nottinghamshire
  10. Peterborough
  11. Birmingham
  12. London-
  13. West Midlands

?The next thing I’m aiming to?do over the coming is to set up individual posts on the above locations on the main site?so people can record their interest.

?When there is enough interest in a particular group I’ll set up a page on the main forum where it wil be easier for people to get in touch with each other through the message facility and organise their group. Hope that makes sense.

If your interested in forming a group in a location not listed above then post a comment and i’ll add it to the list.

Updated: December 23, 2010 — 10:56 pm


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  1. hi andy,
    we have a very active one here in shropshire and we meet once a month in shrewsbury. we cover all off shropshire, and wales, and we regulary hold night watches, with some very interesting results. email me @ either my private email which you have or

  2. hi there i would like to find out more after what i witnessed in livingston on 31.10.2010 at 7.10 and it aint no chinese latern as it flu over me and my friends head coming from edinburgh i just cought a glims of it which i said to my friend it looked black stealthy with this orange glow from it then we saw a second i was doing my research i also found that it was spotted at 8.15 in armidle and this sighting is happening alot in west lothian.people are not stupid.i would love to track this thing(S) in my local area and keep everyone infrormed but you never know when its going to come back round again so i would be sitting out side or watching from a window for hours.there is no set time for them but they seem to be all over britain.any ideas what i can do next it would be great if i could help in anyway

  3. I think a “live” Nightwatch is an excellent idea, perhaps it could be even more widely publicised with instructions where people can go online to submit.

  4. hi vince..there is no set time for night for ufo’s but i find from 6.00pm till late that night is the best. patients and a good camcoredr possible 78x optical lens is best which you can switch to photo’s..i have seen quite a few since may this year alone..and have been lucky enough to capture them on camcorder..and doing think because its a cloudy night with rain you wont see will trust me as they can fly very low indeed..i live in dudley and its a hot area at the moment..tonight took me by suprise again went out to see what looked like a triangle ufo..with 2 orbs / probes not far behind it and traveling quite fast, not noise what so ever. approx 3 miles high..just keep watching and patients will be rewarded

  5. Hi everyone,

    I live in Rochdale and am keen to start a group in the Rochdale/Oldham/Todmorden area for regular meetings and watches, if anyone is interested please email me at and I will get organising 🙂


  6. hi Rebecca,i would be interested plus a few friends who are keen on the idea.hope you get a some interest.i live denton so rochdale/oldham wouldnt be a problem.thanks goodluck.Gary.

  7. Hello,

    My name is Gus Garcia and I’m very keen on starting a UFO Watch Group based in the London area but that would also travel to other places around the UK. I live in south London, but I’m currenly looking for a new place in East London.
    I come originally from Brazil where I would frequently have ufo watch nights on the country side of Sao Paulo. I have been interested in the subject from a young age so i’ve read quite a few books, seen many documentaries and i still try to keep up with UFO related news as much as i can. Despite this, I haven’t actually seen anything that I can positively classify as an UFO.
    I’m sure this is about to chage though. 🙂
    If anyone out there is interested drop me an email:


  8. i would like to start a ufo group for surrey in england please advise me how i can go about this safely. iam a technophoebic i want the simplest way to advertise it.I have witnessed many sightings one at close hand and iam very sensitive to all paranormal issues. i have already spoken to the local publican and monday nights we are welcome. I want to call it the Surrey UFO Society (S.O.S) Be good to hear from you as its extremely frustrating in Surrey especially when its a hotspot for them.
    Kind Regards

  9. Hi,

    I`m very interested in investigating the issue and can bring some experience of the process. Are there any groups in the Notts/Derbys area I could become associated with?


  10. Hello! would love to join a UFO group in Peterborough area. Any info greatly appreciated!:)
    P.S Hi Andy! great idea re live UFO watch! count me in.

  11. There are three in my family who would be interested in setting up a UFO group, we live in the West Midlands,Birmingham and we are close to the licky hills, and this is where people have seen many sightings of UFO’s, would like to know if anyone is interested.

  12. Hi I’m nic and I live in Bradford, looking over the aire valley. I have always looked to the skies, wondering what’s out there. Count me in for a Yorkshire watch

  13. Hi, I’m Dave and I live in Newport, Gwent. If there is a sky-watchers Gwent or Cardiff I would love to hear from you. If not then contact me as I go out looking for UFOs in Newport plus I am an amateur astronomer so I know the constellations and would be happy to share my knowledge.

  14. Hi ,I recently discovered a fellow UFO watcher in my place of work and it transpires he used to run a UFO magazine a few decades ago called Universal Approach. He (Dave) has agreed to start up a group and we currently have 6 including myself.
    We are pondering using the large bit of open space in Mill Hill London NW7.The Three Hammers Pub is about 75yards away (useful or what)and there is plenty of parking.
    If anyone would like to join us perhaps they could e-mail me and I will arrange it.
    Even in Mill Hill it would be better to work as a group-safety in numbers and all that.
    PS…if anyone has any old copies of Universal Approach I would be interested in them.


  15. Hi,

    I’d be very interested in anything in the Yorkshire or Midlands area, I had a radio show called X on a UK station that covered all things unexplained and this website was my bible for my research when UFO sightings was topic, there’s so much info on here I was overwhelmed and had to spread one show over three weeks. Now I’m working on a new “paranormal” project for TV and I’d love to meet up with any witnesses and come to a nightwatch or early evening watch to see if I can get my own footage on film and also interview the witnesses and share their footage if permitted to do so. I’ve witnessed enough other weird phenomena but one of the things I haven’t done yet is witnessed a UFO sighting, maybe I should look up more.
    Email if you’re happy to meet with us and let us interview you and join you on a night watch


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