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UK UFO Watch Groups

We’ve had several requests recently from member of the public for details of any UFO watch groups in their local area.

If you’re in a local UFO watch group group or would like to start one then this is the place to make your request or submit your details.

If there is enough interest then I’m also looking at organising a UK-UFO Night Watch maybe later in the year or early next year. It would be great to get participants to submit their live eye witness accounts and get some instant interaction via say the UK-UFO Facebook and Twitter accounts. Any ideas or suggestions to get this off the ground would be most welcome.

Best Regards
Andy Mannion

14th December 2010-update

Looking at the comments so far here is a summary of?the areas where there is either an existing group or interest in setting one up :

  1. Surrey UFO Society-
  2. Shropshire-
  3. Kirby?in Ashfield, Notts
  4. Cardiff & Newport Gwent
  5. Manchester
  6. West Lothian
  7. Rochdale/Oldham/Todmorden-
  8. Derbyshire
  9. Nottinghamshire
  10. Peterborough
  11. Birmingham
  12. London-
  13. West Midlands

?The next thing I’m aiming to?do over the coming is to set up individual posts on the above locations on the main site?so people can record their interest.

?When there is enough interest in a particular group I’ll set up a page on the main forum where it wil be easier for people to get in touch with each other through the message facility and organise their group. Hope that makes sense.

If your interested in forming a group in a location not listed above then post a comment and i’ll add it to the list.

Updated: December 23, 2010 — 10:56 pm


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  1. To Dave from Newport me and a mate are trying to start up a group in south Wales we live in saint athans

  2. To Dave and to all in south wales me and a mate are trying to start up a group in south Wales we live in saint athans My email is

  3. Hello

    We would be very interested in the details relating to UFO sightings made by people living in Northern Ireland.

    The “Northern Ireland UFO Research Project” has been involved in the study of Unidentified Flying Objects and other strange aerial phenomena throughout Northern Ireland.
    The project has been running since the early 1990s and has had many mentions in the various publications, such as UFO Magazine.

    If you would like to contact us at the address below, we will get back to you ASAP

    Thank you for taking the time to read this message

    Administrator NIUFORP

  4. Hi, I live in Sheffield and would be interested in joining\helping set up a group in the Sheffield\Derbyshire\Chesterfield area if anyone is interested?

    My email address is:

  5. Hi, ‘Would love to set-up/join a group in the Suffolk/Norfolk area.

  6. Hi

    I live In hucknall nr nottingham and would LOVE to meet folk for a ufo sky watch….we should me at

  7. Could someone in the ufo community please direct me to ufo groups in glasgow that are not defunct, cant find any. Thanks

  8. Hey guys, I am looking to start a watch group in North Devon. I live in Ilfracombe and would love to hear from local/near by people. My email is

    Many thanks in advance

  9. Hi folks, I am interested in starting a group in the coventry area if your interested email me,

  10. I live in York, north of england, due to University, would love to meet for a ufo watch/chat. Noone i know finds this interesting! ta ta

  11. Hi all, I live in the S.Wales/Swansea area and would like to exchange info on any ufo related subjects, email me at

  12. Hi, just set up a new website for people in the notts area: please get in touch.



  13. Contact me if you’re in the Notts area.

  14. Anybody interested in starting/joining a ufo watch group in & around Blackburn/Darwen Lancashire??…..Please get in touch. I`d love to be involved with skywatch nights, possibly around the Winter Hill & Darwen Tower areas. It`s amazing what you see up there when you watch the skies. Any like-minded people please get in touch & we`ll see what we can do! My contact email is
    Drop us a line ;0)

  15. Hi Andy

    I live in Plymouth and would love to set up a watch group down here in the south West. We have access to Datrmoor where you have great views of the nights sky for miles around.
    Andy, do you know the names of any other UFO groups in the South West, I have done some research but can not find any. I would like to meet up with other like minded people alternatively I would like to start my own group, can you please advice me on this.

    Please feel free to contact me at


    Chris Chilcott.

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