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We’ve had several requests recently from member of the public for details of any UFO watch groups in their local area.

If you’re in a local UFO watch group group or would like to start one then this is the place to make your request or submit your details.

If there is enough interest then I’m also looking at organising a UK-UFO Night Watch maybe later in the year or early next year. It would be great to get participants to submit their live eye witness accounts and get some instant interaction via say the UK-UFO Facebook and Twitter accounts. Any ideas or suggestions to get this off the ground would be most welcome.

Best Regards
Andy Mannion

14th December 2010-update

Looking at the comments so far here is a summary of?the areas where there is either an existing group or interest in setting one up :

  1. Surrey UFO Society-
  2. Shropshire-
  3. Kirby?in Ashfield, Notts
  4. Cardiff & Newport Gwent
  5. Manchester
  6. West Lothian
  7. Rochdale/Oldham/Todmorden-
  8. Derbyshire
  9. Nottinghamshire
  10. Peterborough
  11. Birmingham
  12. London-
  13. West Midlands

?The next thing I’m aiming to?do over the coming is to set up individual posts on the above locations on the main site?so people can record their interest.

?When there is enough interest in a particular group I’ll set up a page on the main forum where it wil be easier for people to get in touch with each other through the message facility and organise their group. Hope that makes sense.

If your interested in forming a group in a location not listed above then post a comment and i’ll add it to the list.

Updated: December 23, 2010 — 10:56 pm


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  1. hi any groups/ meetings grimby area ? would love to hear other views avid ufo enthusiast plz contact me .

  2. Hi everyone, I can see there was interest in finding or forming a UFO group in Suffolk/Norfolk, I’m interested in joining or with a little help forming a group, Anyone interested can email me,


  3. hi its Sherrie crumbs what a response for forming a surrey based ufo club! I need help if we all pull together be great

  4. Hi all, i live on the Wirral, Merseyside and am a keen amateur astronomer, and also have been interested in the UFO phenomina, i am looking to find any observers and groups who are also interested in this around my area and other surrounding areas, i am prepared to travel and meet up if necessary, check out my youtube site and look at my recordings, i use a Yukon Ranger Pro 5×42 night vision camera, i have a few hundred hours of recordings, but have just put the best ones on my site… hope you enjoy….

  5. Hi my name is Sherrie i set up the S.U.F.O.C unfortunately the first two people who joined have jumped in quick set up a web site and facebook page and stuck us all on you tube doing a skywatch without discussing it. Having rather taken over i did not mind,but being a technophoebic and dislike of facebook jargon anyway have found eachtime a date is set to meet up these individuals back out 3 hours before and as they are offay with the tech side and i dont access it fail to let others know when meetings are cancelled and then repeat it again the following week. This is not on so i have handed the club over to them iam dedicated to the ufo world and only deal with serious non sceptic individuals and using no facebook i like just personal email and the phone so i have set up again and learnt my lesson to stick to my original plan no complications or fancy web sites if anyone is interested and is not afraid of the cold and is passsionate about ufology contact Sherrie of U.F.O.L.A.S.G. \ufo london and surrey group please email me on or call 07528 212598. Skywatch daytime,18th Feb 2012, 12 midday to be held Horsell Common West Byfleet in Surrey, Meet up in large car park of West Byfleet Station. Thank you. Note this is a free group no monies are involved just enthusiasm.

  6. Hi Gilly, This is U.F.O.L.A.S. club we are having a day time skywatch next Sat 18th Feb 2012 on Horsell Common, West Byfleet, Surrey to meet in the car park of West Byfleet station at 12 midday bring refreshments. The club is for anyone london and surrey so we are flexible where we hold meetings. If you cannot make this one will email you the next meet up. Thank you Sherrie

  7. Hi Peter,
    This is Sherrie from U.F.O.L.A.S club ex S.U.F.O.C. We are having a day time skywatch next sat 18th Feb 2012, on Horsell Common, meeting up at 12 midday in West Byfleet station large car park bring refreshments. Horsell Common sits central on a network of leylines hence much activity in this general area obviously paranormal activity goes hand in hand in this area. Where there are woods and ponds or lakes and space to hide ufos feedibg ground. If you cannot make this one as a little late notice will inform you of next meeting. Meetings can be held in london and surrey we have a good rail network. Thanks Sherrie

  8. THERE IS A DAYTIME SKYWATCH FOR PEOPLE IN LONDON AND SURREY ON SATURDAY, 18TH FEBRUARY 2012, ON HORSELL COMMON. MEETING PLACE IS THE LARGE CAR PARK AT WEST BYFLEET STATION ,12 MIDDAY. GOOD VENUE SITUATED IN A COLLISION OF LEYLINES. PLEASE CONTACT SHERRIE ON: or phone: 07528 212598 for more info, or just turn up.For future events contact me with yr phone no. or email add. No fancy web site simple reliable active club. No monies involved the skies are free! U.F.O.L.A.S.Club \London and Surrey Club.


  10. New Shropshire based UFO group has been formed by leading UK ufologists. See the website here:

  11. Hey i am looking for something to be set up in Peterborough, anyone can contact me on my email

    Would be extremely interested in any information


  12. To Dan and Jacqueline,
    I would be interested in joining a group in North Suffolk.

  13. for anyone who may be interested in local groups,there is a Fareham Hants group who meet monthly,usually on the last Thursday of the month in Titchfield, with all people most welcome. For more info,contact Ian Bentley on email address

  14. Does anyone know of any local groups bases in Newport, South Wales? Or if anyone is interested in starting one up then please get in touch

  15. To Sarah & Jacqueline re: North Suffolk group, please visit the forum for more info/contact..

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