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We’ve had several requests recently from member of the public for details of any UFO watch groups in their local area.

If you’re in a local UFO watch group group or would like to start one then this is the place to make your request or submit your details.

If there is enough interest then I’m also looking at organising a UK-UFO Night Watch maybe later in the year or early next year. It would be great to get participants to submit their live eye witness accounts and get some instant interaction via say the UK-UFO Facebook and Twitter accounts. Any ideas or suggestions to get this off the ground would be most welcome.

Best Regards
Andy Mannion

14th December 2010-update

Looking at the comments so far here is a summary of?the areas where there is either an existing group or interest in setting one up :

  1. Surrey UFO Society-
  2. Shropshire-
  3. Kirby?in Ashfield, Notts
  4. Cardiff & Newport Gwent
  5. Manchester
  6. West Lothian
  7. Rochdale/Oldham/Todmorden-
  8. Derbyshire
  9. Nottinghamshire
  10. Peterborough
  11. Birmingham
  12. London-
  13. West Midlands

?The next thing I’m aiming to?do over the coming is to set up individual posts on the above locations on the main site?so people can record their interest.

?When there is enough interest in a particular group I’ll set up a page on the main forum where it wil be easier for people to get in touch with each other through the message facility and organise their group. Hope that makes sense.

If your interested in forming a group in a location not listed above then post a comment and i’ll add it to the list.

Updated: December 23, 2010 — 10:56 pm


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  1. Hi can anyone tell me if west Berkshire has a UFO watch group?
    if not how does one start one? email me at:
    I’ve seen the same bright light pass over Newbury town centre at approx half ten every night for the last month, Saturday night just gone (25/8/12) it was moving faster than normal and being chased by what looked like a jet plane; this had the flashing lights but the bright light never.

    I’ve had a few run ins with UFOs in the passed, mainly when I was younger and have always believed in UFOs the paranormal and anything different from the norm.

  2. Hi everyone, ive been involved with the ufo subject for the last 35 years and have seen several UFOs, i also have a photo of a ufo as well.

    I was wondering if anyone would like to start a UFO Group in Gateshead/Newcastle area and also have sky watches, i used to be in a UFO Group many years ago, and helped to orginise it with my friend.

    The Group was called: N.E.U.F.O.R.M. wich is: North-East UFO Research Magazine, but it does not exsist anymore and i would like anyone who would be intrested in starting a new UFO Group to email me anytime.

    For many years i bought UFO Magazine and had my story printed in it, and i also provided a photo of a UFO my brother had taken.

    so anyone interested then you know what to do.

  3. Hi, I’m seeking others in Lincoln and surrounds, with an interest in both UFOlogy and general paranormal activity – ghosts, hauntings, cryptozoology, myths.

    I used to be a member of, organiser for and sightings investigator with the Hull UFO Society (HUFOS). Now living in Lincoln, I hope that the city can eventually boast its own group for monthly talks, discussions and general socialising, so if you would like to meet up and get together on a regular basis with others who share your interests, please contact me via the email below.

  4. Any one setting up a group in the Mansfield Area ,i would love to support such a group, contact me if anything kicks off.

  5. Dave G, I live in Clipstone but did live in Mansfield. I was thinking is setting up a UFO research group for North Notts, email me if you are interested.

  6. Hi all.Just a revision to my earlier post on local groups dated 5.7.12. ie Fareham group. The name has been changed to Hampshire UFO Group,and the contact address is now “” We still meet once a month in the meeting room above the Queens Head pub in Titchfield,usually on the last Thursday of the month,membership is nor required,and a fee of just £3 is payable to cover hire costs.For more info contact the group on the new address as given.Hope to see you soon.

  7. Any clubs in Nottingham, please advise

  8. Somerset, Devon and Dorset area.
    Thought I would see if there was any interest within this area. I’ve had 5 sightings of UFO’s that date back from 1984, all observed in or roughly around the Somerset town called Chard. Chard is the highest town in Somerset and on the border to Devon & Dorset. Over the many years of my sightings, I taught myself basic computer animation with a piece of software called Flash. It’s a very basic, vector based graphic software and I’ve managed to try and explain and convey what happened in my sightings so I made this very basic video…..view here – I was just wondering if any others in the area have seen things and if there are any local groups that possibly meet up to discuss the topic, share similar interests or go sky watching, etc. (any feedback please leave a comment under the youtube video or use the private message system, etc.) I’m not looking to start a group, just wondering if one exists already. I wish I had the time to start a group but unfortunately I haven’t.

  9. Hi, Does anyone know of any ufo groups that are active in Bath, I am very interested in joining one.

  10. I’m getting quite a few ufo’s on video. But one is an insect. It’s the size of a rat. It lives here in the grass and trees. Likes to fly and has nothing else in common with any other insect. What these insects do can only be alien. One fly’s out from under my camera at one point. They are Known to the media as Jake and Ellie’s but they won’t cover the story after asking to keep the images for an exclusive.

  11. Fred, are you alright? Jake and Ellie, the alien insects?!? That’s beyond bizarre. Can you post them? I’m intrigued to say the least.

  12. Hi is there any ufo groups near Kettering thanks

  13. are there any groups in Aberdeen Scotland

  14. JOHN does anyone know of a UFO group in the DORSET area (bournemouth) as i would be most interested in joining

  15. Any one in the Dartford area interested in going on a ufo hunt is very welcome to come along. Dependant on weather conditions.these things are real if you want to see them they will come to you .come and share your experience just email me

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