Undercliffe Bradford-17th February 2013

Location of Sighting: Undercliffe Bradford
Date of Sighting: 17-2-2013
Time: 2.25pm
Witness Name: Sean Mckinley

Witness Statement: I was sat outside the malt kiln public house when I noticed six black sphere shape objects which where very high up in the sky which i thought might have been kids balloons that had been let off as they where bobbing and weaving about watched them for about 3 to 4 mins when & they all just vanished in a blink of a eye


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Updated: February 19, 2013 — 9:53 pm


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  1. Can you estimate the size of these objects?



  2. Maybe about 20ft in size they where small but high up mate said they might have been weather balloons but i doubt itI have seen a few of these spheres over the years different colours orange-red colour, black silver seen a couple that looked like a light bulb also some you could see the sky through them.

  3. Would say no more than 15-20ft but hard to tell as they where high up, but going by other sphere objects i have seen over the years would say probably that size. A mate said they might have been weather balloons but six together i dont think so but the 5 that where together vanished at the same time the last one took a few more seconds unitl that vanished there was no clouds so was hoping somebody else might have seen them but you would have had to be looking at that spot in the sky as they was to high and anybody walking would probably have missed them

  4. Weather balloons aren’t as a rule black, and they don’t travel around in groups. How sure are you these were spheres? I saw something similar about 13 years ago, but couldn’t quite make out the shape. The best explanation I could think of was that balloons from an opening day at a local shop had been carried aloft. Funny thing is, there were six of them and they were black. They appeared to be slowly rotating around each other.

  5. stephen i have seen black sphere objects a few times that have just shot of or hoverd then just faded out these did the same first 5 that where grouped together all vanished at the same time the six one that was lagging behind then vanished a few seconds after the others if you asked me out of a hundred if i think they where ufo would say 95% due to the other sphere shape objects i have seen over the years.

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