Unusual Bright Light In The Sky – Doncaster – 10th April 2019

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Julie Marley
Witness Statement
On Weds 10/04/19 (16:46) me & my daughter witnessed an unusual bright light in the sky whilst in my garden. It was a beautiful afternoon with clear blue skies. At first it didn’t appear to be moving but after focusing on the object it was moving in a straight line across the sky. It was in one spot one second & in another the next athough we never actually saw in in any motion. After watching it for a good 10 mins i ran inside to get my camera which has a good zoom in lens & this is the result of what i captured. I only managed to take one shot because it then completely disappeared. The object was higher than an aeroplane flying at high altitude. The first photo shows the crescent moon above the object which has been circled & was taken from my daughters mobile phone, the other shots are from my camera zoomed in X45. The remainder photos are zoomed in several times fromthe original camera shot.
*My photos have been e-mailed to you.
Updated: May 28, 2019 — 7:40 pm

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  1. I think me and my daughter may have seen the same thing. Same day but a bit later in the evening. We were driving from donny we were on the Bawtry road and a massive bright light appeared we saw it for approx 15 seconds the lights were so intense but as soon as it appeared it disappeared it didn’t fade it just fanished. My daughter was in the back of the car she managed to take a video with her phone but it only last about 2 seconds unfortunately. We were so shocked but it plays on my mind to what it could be. It was so very big it seems unreal to me. It’s difficult to wrap my head around it

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