Upper Belvedere, Kent-22nd August 2009

Location of Sighting: Upper Belvedere, Kent
Date of Sighting: Saturday 22. August 2009
Time: 21.45 / 22.15
Witness Name: ken

Witness Statement: I live in Upper Belvedere & was in the back bedroom when I observed 4 bright Orange reddish lights low down in the south West they appeared to be moving slowly in an arc disappearing in the North West about 8 minutes later.
The first one was leading by about 2 minutes followed by the other 3 in a loose line.
The maximum line above the horizon was about 30 degrees. They maintained the same brightness thou out the transit.
After first seeing them I grabbed my binoculars & when into the back garden. I could not see any navigation lights or strobe lights that are normally seen on an aircraft.
I often see passenger aircraft on the stack or turning onto finales into Heathrow & these unidentified objects bear no resemblance to any thing I have ever seen.

Source: www.uk-ufo.co.uk

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Updated: August 24, 2009 — 9:23 pm


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  1. O my gooness – thank gooness sobedoy else saw them as well!!! I popped out to go to get some cigs from the garage on the way to bexleyheath and was driving back approx 10:30 – 11pm. As I was driving up bedonweel road school on my left I suddenly became awarew of three very bright large orange ball/lights above the school. Low i,e helicopter height. I slowed down and watch and pulled up just around the bend – and watched them out of the front passenger window. They were above the school playgound. Two next to each other and one above. They were moving towards me and I opened the window to listen to see if they were hekicopters. It was silent. I got out of the car and they continued to move as I watched, They were headid towards Woolwich Rd, Westergate end. I got back in the car and waited for them to go over but saw nothing. I got out of the car again and realised that they were now in a straight line one behind the other and moving slowly. I drove home (2 mins) ran and shouted for my husband to come out we ran to the front of the house but only one was there. We then ran into theback garden and it had gone. I was shocked but very clear about what U had seen. I phoned a freind as I had to tell somebody!! She said to look on the web to see if any thingcme up. I’ve never done this before and I found a posting for somebody who described orange round bright lights in plumstead. Just come on to see if I could find anything this evening and found yours. Its amazing as I dint say anything at work today as people think you are mad. They were so clear and so close I know what I saw and stood and watched! Denise

  2. Hi, i have seen the exact same thing tonight at about 9.39pm. Me and my partner was driving back from bexleyheath when i spotted a bright yellow orangish object hovering, i said to my partner ”is that an airoplain?” He just replied ”yeah” So didn’t think much of it until we were in belverdere kent when there was 2 yellow orangish objects really low down, we pulled over the car and couldn’t believe what we were seeing they were actually flying into one another but yet there was no sound only silence, quite surprising for how low down they were. I could see quite good detail of the objects and took some photos on my iphone the quality isn’t that good but still can see the objects. They eventually flew off heading towards plumstead before disapearing. Still can’t get over it. Amazing

  3. I see a very bright ufo yesterday June 28th 2020 in my late mums garden in Upper Belvedere.it was around 7pm…..apart from being in shock, the time I got my phone ? out to record it, it had vanished behind clouds.

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