Urmston, Manchester-31st July 2011

Location of Sighting: Urmston, Manchester
Date of Sighting: 31/07/11
Time: 2.45am
Witness Name: Pete

Witness Statement: I went for a smoke in my back garden at about 2.45am Sunday morning I was looking at a bright star in the east direction then I saw a bright orange light come over a tree quite low but at speed and keeping same height going west for abour 3 minutes untill it dissapeared over the Trafford Centre vicinty I took a photo of this there was no noise and it was quite low, it seemed to be spinning but not flashing, there was no wind very still night it was not a lantern as it was at speed and straight line flight so did anybody else see this in my area?

Source: www.uk-ufo.co.uk

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Updated: August 1, 2011 — 8:48 pm


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  1. yes i saw the same thing very bright yellowy orange light hover over the trafford centre and fly off to wards eccles

  2. It was the ISS, geniuses.

  3. UrmstonKing,

    since when did the International Space Station have orange lights and hover at low altitude just above the trees? Think about it, your comment makes no sense.

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