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 Scottish Highland UFO Group, formed in October 2019.

Scottish Highland UFO Group


A  site  looking into the fascinating question do aliens exist?



If so I would like to hear your story.

My name is Glen Richardson i’m a UFO Investigator/Researcher based in Hartlepool, England, UK, investigating claims of UFO sightings and Alien abduction across the UK.

All information will be dealt with, seriously and in the strictest of confidence.

Please give me a call on 07584320214 or



  Website set set up by a UK team of paranormal investigators.


Haunted England Search


 Create your own banner at!


 New York UFO latest Worldwide UFO Sightings News

Alternative News

NICOM Political Science and Ideology

Ken Pfeifer-Chief Investigator for MUFON in New Jersey (USA)

 For all things Supernatural


Darren Perks-The Cosford UFO Witness Website


North London Paranormal Investigations


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  1. Can you please add my web site link to your links page thanking you.
    Dave Gillham
    Chair founder of the Cornwall UFO Research Group

    If you email me your Banner I will add the banner to my links page.

    Web site address :

  2. Would like to set up ufo group here in cornwall. Some weird stuff happening down here…. any advice much appreciated.

  3. Would like to set up ufo group here in cornwall. Some weird stuff happening down here…. any advice much appreciated.

  4. HI Mike
    did you ever hear of a report from Newquay,I was 7or 8 so a good few years ago [im close on 50 now!] we were on holiday in Watergate Bay area,when one night,from our holiday hotel up above the beach,me and my Brother watched some triangular ‘lights’ rise silently from the beach,to hover a while,and just fly off,not any acceleration or engine noise,at what seemed like an unnatural maneuver and speed..Of course noone believed us but the strange thing was that the next day,we were told of a ‘hysterical’ guest who on returning to the hotel later the previous night,told of an incredible story of ‘something’ flying into and hovering over her car a few feet in front of her,and she really was ‘hysterical’ about it,and of course,she hadnt known of what we had seen,she was only just returning to the hotel….
    I’ve never forgotten any of this to this day,and the independent ‘witness’ story [an adult!] still strikes me with a sense that people really are experiencing strange occurrences like these..

  5. please feel free to join this fast growing, highly popular face book group where we discuss alternative reality’s

  6. Group in Swansea now established to investigate and document local sightings – Swansea UFO Network. facebook page of same name. Call 07954806402.

  7. I Am Looking to get in touch with some UFO Group of some sort, i am from Stockport Cheshire, i have been going through allot of strange activity, alien contact, sasquatch visits, many strange things, alien and other beings coming to my home in a cloaking spirit type form, many out of this world things which people refuse to belive, i would love to talk to someone from a credited honest group who will take me seriously please

  8. UFO Shropshire was a British MoD cover, they set up fake incidents and reports and infiltrated other groups grabbing lots of data.

  9. Can you pease add my web site to your links ?

    Thank you

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