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Walsall, West Midlands-25th September 2012

Location of Sighting: Walsall, West Midlands
Date of Sighting: 25th September 2012
Time: 1.27 am
Witness Name: Scott Perkins

Witness Statement: I live on the 16th floor of my flats so have very good view ive seen lots of strange things in sky but this one has left me a bit shaken up I was waiting for the lift to take the dog out I looked out the window on the landing towards wensbury there was a huge light in sky it looked the size of a full moon moving slowly towards wolvohamton bright yellow in colour and almost perfectly round has anyone else seen anything like this ??????


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Updated: September 26, 2012 — 9:47 pm


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  1. Hi, I’m trying to investigate this to give a rationale perspective but can’t find “Wensbury” or “Wolvohamton” on Google Earth. Have you any more info?

  2. Spock: don’t be an arse

  3. lol, cheeky, cheeky!

  4. I think he means Wednesbury and Wolverhampton ‘Spock’. it was quite logical…

  5. yes i saw same thing about 8wks bck was 2.30m like you’it shook me up i thought i was seeing things it was pale yellow and massive like the moon .over the hse’s on frankley ,rubery ..since then i ve seen silver and gold orbs lots,but not on the size of that we have harriers passing every night on patrol joke ..opened my eyes !

  6. I think it should be Wednesbury and Wolverhampton.

  7. If I may help you arrive at your rationale (sic) perspective, Mr Spock, I believe the locations you’re looking for are Wednesbury and Wolverhampton. I’m afraid that earthlings from the Black Country talk like that.

  8. Hey Lou, not a debunker but needed to point out that Harrier aircraft are sadly no longer in service.
    I might add that I view this site most days of the week and have had an interest in the UFO subject deeply and believe!

  9. I were watching UFO hunters from national geographic channel and what you describe sounds very much like what they were investigating. Pilots mainly have seen them but what they shown as well, like a huge cigar shape is what I saw going over my house in the early house in the morning back in 1989. Been a believer since. Anyhow on UFO hunters this circular shape was slanted at a 45 degree angel and they said it had a haze round it and just vanished as the pilot was looking at it. Is what you saw matching the description about the UFO being at 45 degree angle and fuzzy round the edges?

  10. In 2012 my girlfriend and I lived in apartments five floors up by walsall train station behind art gallery and witnessed a strange saucer type craft just hovering in the distance up toward the walsall golf course area we filmed it on my mobile for a good 4/5 minutes then it went off away from our view… at the time it was strange but now investigating loads more about our past it doesn’t come as much suprise to see anything untoward in the sky, we have been being visited for thousand’s of years anyway…

  11. I saw something which fits your description of ‘large’,’bright yellow’ and ‘perfectly round’, pass over my house in Guild Avenue off Harden Road in the same month and year when you report having seen a ufo. I can’t remember the exact date, though it was a Sunday at about 7pm.
    It was moving quite quick, from the direction of Bloxwich toward Walsall Town Centre, was low in the sky, and certainly wasn’t aircraft as there was no noise, and appeared globular in shape and was luminescent.
    What was more astonishing was its appearance exactly a week later, at the same time, taking its previous path from Bloxwich to Walsall over my house!

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