West Bromwich & Majorca-2000

Location of Sighting: West Bromwich & Majorca
Date of Sighting: 2000
Time: 12am-2am
Witness Name: Jay

Witness Statement: I woke up in the middle of the night and had urge to check on my son sleeping in his cot, as soon as I turned my head I saw a bright sparkling light blue in colour 2feet above the foot of my bed, it was approx 50p piece shape. At this time I woke my wife who turn to got a glimpse of it. This lasted several seconds then it shot out of the bedroom window leaving no trail, we did not speak of this for days
It definitely had some form of inteligence in the way it moved out the window when

Also back in august this year I was in holiday in majorca in arte, as I was driving on main road back to my resort I
spotted a very bright round silver object in the sky it was a hot cloudless day, it was like looking at the sun but a smaller version and not as blinding, I slowed down and tried to get my phone to record, by the time I pulled over and got ready to film it it was gone. After research on the internet the only conclusion I could find was that it could have been the space station. I think
there is some sort of dimension out there we do not have the knowledge to access it.

Source: www.uk-ufo.co.uk

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  1. Hi Jay,
    I too have seen very small bright lights in my bedroom and around the house in the day as well as night time. They can vary in clours from red, green, blue and white. My husband has often seen them at the same time as me. I can only say we are the lucky few who are perhaps open enough to ‘see’ them. In my experience, if you become fearful they tend to disapear. You may experience more sightings, feelings, sensations or hear strange noises in the following months. Keep us updated!

  2. Wow!
    This may explain what my daughter explained to me about 6 or 7 years ago.
    She was about 12 at the time and came downsatirs one eve after being in bed for a while very upset. She said she had been trying to sleep when her dressing table drawers flew open and a pile of birthday cards had flown out at high speed over her bed and ontop of her. She looked up and saw 2 whitish/blue orbs (very bright) in her room darting about. She began to cry and they shot out of her bedroom window and she watched them disappear in the distance beyond some trees and then disappear.
    Chrissy – strange question, but do you have belongings go missing in you home?? This seems to be happening alot to us since the event of my daughters experience.

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