West End, Southampton-12th July 2009

Location of Sighting: West End, Southampton
Date of Sighting: 12th July 2009
Time: 9.45pm
Witness Name: Tony Parker

Witness Statement: My name is Tony Parker, and I live with my wife Joanna at Highview Housein the centre of West End. At about 9.45pm on Sunday the 12th of July whilst watching television we noticed through the window some lights in the sky approaching from the direction of Southampton City, the South West. We rushed out of the house and into the back garden, where we could clearly see six disc and ball shaped objects flying in a circular formation. I would estimate that they were 500 – 750 feet high, and the circular formation was about the size of a dustbin lid held at arms length. They were not attached to each other, there was no noise and there was an obvious intent to their motion which suggested powered flight.

As they passed directly overhead, I rushed into the house to get my digital camera, a Cannon IXUS 55, but by the time I returned the six were fading as they continued North Easterly, on a direct line to the horizon. Horizon to horizon took, I estimate, about 40 seconds and there was no wind or breeze that could have caused their motion.

Two more objects appeared on exactly the same trajectory and I took six photographs as they went over. The final four are of little use as the objects had faded in the same way as the six, however, the first two photographs are of interest. The first photo has captured the image of a flag pole on the first floor balcony of our house, illuminated by the flash, which gives a reference point for the objects, which clearly show as two reddish solid objects. If you increase the image size the objects become discs! The second photo is much as the first, but without the flagpole. I’ve blown up the ‘UFO’ images in the two photographs and they
are very intriguing.

Whatever they were, they were not, Chinese Lanterns, helicopters,planes, insects, marsh gas, Mars, or any other planet, they were solid,red disc or ball shaped objects under intelligent control and with motor

Tony Parker

Here is one of the photos sent in by Tony with an inset cropped close up.(click to enlarge)

[singlepic id=97 w=320 h=240 float=]

Source: Direct request on UK-UFO

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