White Light Joined By Orange/Red Light – Shrewsbury – 20th March 2019

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Dave Linney
Witness Statement
I’m not sure if this was a ufo but can’t explain it. I was in Sundorne in Shrewsbury. I looked at the huge full moon then noticed another bright light. This was hovering over by the Wrekin transmitter. It hovered for about 20 minutes. I thought it was the police helicopter search light. However it was then joined by another bright light. This one was more orange/red. The original white light then moved left until it dropped behind the wrekin. I thought maybe a drone but these lights were large and VERY bright. No flashing lights on them at all.
Updated: May 29, 2019 — 11:06 am


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  1. What you saw was an aircraft on approach into Birmingham Airport. Quite often mistaken for UFOs. The aircraft strobes and landing lights can look quite strange as they turn in in the distance, making it look like they are behind the Wrekinn Hill.

  2. Phil. Having lived in the area for 45 years i know what an aircraft looks like!

    I’m afraid your explanation doesn’t fit what was witnessed.

    I’d say it was a drone but tbh it was too bright but the movement was correct..

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