White Lights-Llandrinio-14th January 2010

Location Of Sighting :
Date Of Sighting :
14th January 2010
Witness Name:
Kevin B
Witness Statement
I’d just returned from rehearsing with a band on an extremely cold and clear evening. I saw several white lights moving from left to right in a straight line with no noise behind my house, appearing to be about a mile away and fairly low flying for aircraft. They were much too slow to be planes and too quiet for helicopters. I’d only moved into the house for about a week, and thought it was something in the distance at first (lights in nearby cliffs at town called Pant) but then realused they were moving. Had to go in to let dogs out as they were barking and had been left alone for a few hours. Also it was so cold, so I wanted to get inside. In the morning I realised the cliffs were not even visible in that area and I was baffled as to what I’d seen the night before and have been curious – and obsessed with sightings ever since slowly becoming more interested. Just found this site so wanted to record my sighting. I can remember the date and time accurately due to the date I moved into the house and my routine rehearsals with a band at the time.

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