Whitehouse carpark, Blackstone Edge, Littleborough, Lancs-4th June 2010

Location of Sighting: Whitehouse carpark, Blackstone Edge, Littleborough, Lancs, UK
Date of Sighting: 4/6/2010
Time: 20:00 Approx. (day Light)
Witness Name: Andrew Hope

Witness Statement: I was sat in my car watching the Sun set and admiring the view, when I thought “look to the right” (towards Tod.). I looked and this small black dot just appeared way up in the sky. Imagine seeing a fly about 10 feet away. This object then proceeded to suddenly move from left to right over a large distance at great speed, It then moved up and down in a zig zag pattern, this lasted for a couple of minutes and then moved off and out of sight slowly. I sat in my car, amazed. I had a great feeling of un-realness, almost dream like. My logical brain said it was a bird combined with an optical illusion caused by atmospheric conditions. After a few minutes passed I looked right again, when it just reappeared out of nowhere, again I watched it’s amazing manouvers, and I’m thinking is that really a bird, when it stopped dead still and I thought birds cant do that, can they? So I said, outloud to myself, “ok, do something I know a bird can’t do”, when it just vanished instantly. Wow. I’m thinking, now a little freaked out. I looked at my dash board digi clock, not sure of the time, it said 1:11. it was right the last time I lokked and it was still light, so I looked at my mobile and it was actually 8pm.
I have been intersted in astronomy for years and have seen everything one normally see’s in the sky, it was not a plane, helicopter, bird, sattellite, chinese lantern. It was daylight and it was a definate physical object of unkown type, displaying amazing moves. I’m still a little shocked, as I’m not sure why I drove up ther in the first place, I just felt I should. Maybe I was meant to be there. I felt an overwhelming sense of calm and excitement at the same time and an even greater sense of connection. It was like some sort of communication, which I truly can’t explain. It is a true account of my experience, that I just needed to share.
Thankyou for providing this platform.

Source: www.uk-ufo.co.uk

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  1. Were you near water? Sounds like you were watching a dragonfly.

  2. There are lots of reservoirs, but this thing was way up in the sky.

  3. i might take a look up there my self i live at hollingworth lake so not to far away

  4. Hi Michael,
    It’s a great place to start looking. Todmorden and the surrounding areas are a famous UFO hot spot.
    Apparently all the rock in the area has a high quartz content that can become electrically charged, energised.
    If your local it,s well worth exploring Blackstone edge.

  5. Keep checking on hear for local sightings and maybe check out the forum.

  6. There is an Alien/ American Secret Base under Blackstone Edge Reservoir, black Triangular Craft and Disc Shaped craft have been seen entering and leaving the Reservoir.

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