Whyteleafe, Surrey-29th June 2010

Location of Sighting: Whyteleafe Surrey
Date of Sighting: 29/06/210
Time: 10-30 pm
Witness Name: Christine Harvey. Anne Diallo, Leigh

Witness Statement: My neighbour was looking out the window when I came out pointed for me to look at the Sky, Well I saw at least 20 Orange lights following in 1 Streight line my neighbour had counted 50 before I saw them I went and got my friend Anne and she watched… leigh Informed us some had landed in the woods at Kenley Common we waited,, then out they came, one at a time and went in the same direction as the others over toward Warlingham. Im 60 years and have never seen anything like it , It was not planes as we watched them also landing and taking off from Gatwick.. The orange light glowed underneath, unlike a plane where smoke would have come out, never would have believed it untill I saw it with my own eyes . Where they were coming from or rather over is M.O.D.. and Common land . The Old Kenley Airport…..Wow

Source: www.uk-ufo.co.uk

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  1. My husband was driving past Kenley aerodrome, on the night of 29th June . He saw several men in white boiler suits in and around the aerodrome which was cordened off. Has this anything to do with the sightings? are we not being told something?

    Rosie Pettigrew

  2. 20 orange lights were seen last night moving quickly over whyteleafe. It was christmas day around 23.15. Did anyone else see this? They didnt look like planes!

  3. Mrs Catherine E Haley

    I lived in Valley rd as a child and my grandparents lived the other end. (Born in 1962 left Kenley sept 1966)

    Somewhere in that timeline I would watch the gliders flying over from the Aerodrome in the garden in the summer at home and at my grandparents.

    When I was at home in the garden a craft came down almost low enough for someone to touch, I thought all flying things were gliders, so I ran into my mum and told her a glider had come down to the garden and watched me there was no person, but I “felt” I was being spoken to… I ran indoors i wanted my mother to come and see it but she said i was being silly, i still remember it, i remember it was metal and low over the garden and not like huge mothership sized….hovering. There was woodland behind our house…. then it .. Was gone

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