Wickford, Essex-1st August 2009

Location of Sighting: Wickford, Essex
Date of Sighting: 01/08/09
Time: 11.45pm
Witness Name: Eileen C

Witness Statement: My Husband & I saw what we first thought was a plane with a strange constant orange light directly overhead as we sat in our conservatory watching tv. This was followed by 2 more. We went out into the garden to get a better look & realised they were not making any noise. They were flying slowly below the clouds. A couple of minutes later 2 more flew overhead in the same direction. They then broke formation & dissapeared into the clouds. Did anyone else see them?

Source:Direct request on UK-UFO

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Updated: August 2, 2009 — 9:11 pm


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  1. Hi

    Tonight (2nd August 09) at 09:55 i went on to the balcony for my usual fag. Then i seen 4 of these orange lights there were 3 in front in the shape of a triangle followed by one a bit of distance apart. I was totally mesmerized so ran to get the binocoulars. When looking through them it was just a bright orangey/red glare. I tried to take some photos but my camera did not pick them up. It was so strange i just wish y partner was in to stop me thinking i was seeing things.

  2. Sorry forgot to say i am from stockton on tees (north east england).

  3. I seen them i am in Hinckley Leicestershire, I seen only 3 as i was driving at the time but i originally thought it was fire balls like small rocks breaking through the atmosphere. But now i am not so sure what it was? The were very close together and moving very slowly it was very scary. Did anyone else see these and any ideas what they were?

  4. Hi,
    Myself, my boyfriend and a friend were at our stables the other night wen we saw what looked like a massive fire ball falling from the sky then it took off in another direction till it was out of sight!!!!! We have never seen anything like it, I took 4 photos!!!

  5. Oh and we are from Co Durham, and I think it was the 7th Aug we saw it!!

  6. Hi. Myself, my mum dad and sister all saw something similiar on the 6th of august. Just one, but a bright orange light silently moving. I heard a similiar story on heart essex this morning too, of a lady who’d seen the same thing on tuesday the 11th. I come from canvey and i also have a video of it, not very clear as it was filmed on a mobile phone, but you can still see that it is very low, bright and silent. If anyone is interested in the seeing the video i will be putting it on youtube soon. I’ve seen some other reports up about people seeing somethings during the meteorite showers recently too. Would be great to know what they all are.
    Thanks. Martin

  7. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tKHi8MTIAJE

    here is a link to my video.
    if anyone has seen anything similiar. please comment 🙂

  8. Hello on 19th August 09 at approximately 9.22 p.m. myself and four friends were sitting in my garden, when in the distance we could see an orange light. At first we thought it was an incoming plane, but our interest was aroused when we realised that there was abosolutely no sound coming from the approaching object.

    There was only one, it was round in shape, orange as if on fire, it was very low in the sky as it travelled towards us, then it changed direction and disappeared over the roofs of the houses.

    We are all 55 plus, of very sound mind (well we think so) and not subject to dramatisation or panic. This is the first time I have written on a website and this is because I want to find out if anyone else saw the object. The thing that struck me was that there wasn’t any sound and the orangeness of the object. The sighting probably last 3 mins before the object disappeared. Very Strange.

  9. hi i am from hartlepool and on the 2nd october at about 10:15pm i was sat at my computer when i noticed a red and orange light in the sky,as i run nearly breaking my neck down the stairs i went into the back garden with my husband.I looked into the sky and this red and orange light was heading out to sea and suddenly it dissapeared.There was no clouds that night and there was no sound from this object,was i seeing things or did anyone else witness this.

  10. At 9.30pm on 26-10-2009 i noticed a large, extremely bright orange sphere in approx north west. It was motionless. Far too big to be a flare. My partner suggested getting the telescope which i did, only to watch it dim and suddenly shoot downwards behind the trees. I have never seen anything like it before and would love to speak to anyone with the same experience. We are from Canvey Island.

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