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Wilton, Salisbury – 10th April 2014

Location of Sighting: Wilton in Salisbury
Date of Sighting: 10th April 2014
Time: Approx 2045
Witness Name: Geoff

Witness Statement: My daughter was standing by the window talking to me whilst I was sitting on sofa, all of a sudden a very large object appeared in the window which made me say what the hell is that !.it was very large with lights either end of it but could not see the bodywork of object it was very close to the flat and was moving I opened the window and distinctly heard the sound of engine noise coming from if but the sound did not match the size of object the object started to go down and out of site. The object was no further than a hundred yards away from us, also the object was tilting as it was flying,this was a very strange incident that will stay with me forever. The shape of object going by the position of lights was box like, similar to a box kite.


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  1. “The problem with the rationalists here is that they jump to a ‘rational’ conclusion here every time – no matter what the report. That seems more like a closed mind than an open one to me. ”

    Actually, that’s far from true. Granted, if someone reports slow moving orange orbs drifting across the sky I’ll say it’s chinese lanterns;if someone reports what is certainly the ISS then the same, and so on. If it has what, to me, looks like a rational explanation, I’ll suggest it. There have been a few reports, however, that have left me baffled. On these, I have nothing to add as, like the viewer, I don’t know what they saw. these are the ones that, in general, get the least attention.

    “I do like the banter and different views”…. really? That’s certainly not how you come across…. “– but closed minds are dull –” because someone isn’t up for your take doesn’t give them a closed mind; remember, again, I too have seen odd things in the sky that I couldn’t explain.

    “especially when the same people try and sound so superior too.”

    You don’t help yourself by posting clearly fake videos of massive UFO’s over Paris. I’ll try and take myself down a peg or two, but the MOD prefer me to keep on my high horse.

  2. “Triangular – Aurora (or the British version that wont get mentioned now)”

    A quick word on this; Taranis – there, mentioned it – is nothing to do with Aurora (which is believed to be a codeword for a variety of Black Projects in the USA); neither is it in any way secret. I believe the official line that it has yet to fly in the UK yet, but we know it has in Australia. Of course, there could be other prototypes out there (well, could be is a bit lame, there will be) and when Taranis does start flying out of Warton, or wherever they choose to test it, the numbers of odd shaped unidentifiable flying objects being reported with increase vastly.

  3. Oh Alderley! I’m all puffed up at being a G Man.

    My points on observation, recognition, flight experience and psychology are not. I’ve had sightings orbs mainly and two saucer shaped objects in wing man formation moving South over the Team Valley in Gateshead one winter. Someone with me said they were sun spots! In a clear blue sky caused by high pressure, I don’t think so? However this demonstrates how people observe and filter information into their brains.

    I have said this before and will say it again, most people on here are genuine. A number of the sightings are highly unusual. Some are plain hoaxes, often revealed because the posters do not answer questions, or try to back their stories with a friend or other stories unrelated to the original post, fail to post video or pictures.

  4. I’m surprised nobody has suggested a flying carpet for this one………

  5. Hello,

    Not sure if this is still an active forum?.
    I just wanted to share my story, i will certainly take it to the grave and may I also add usually my memory is terrible but what unfolded roughly @01:00 October 2008 on Salisbury Plain towards Tidworth was simply that bizarre that i remember every detail.

    First off i was a serving soldier at the time having already spent 3 years in the regiment as a gunner in the 1st Royal tank regiment i had up to this point been on “the plain” countless times but never really payed too much attention to the stars.

    I’ve always been open minded about ufo’s and other beings in far away galaxy’s, just never witnessed anything until the date above.
    I wasn’t restricted to the gunners seat that night i had recently completed driver training and was driving the troop sergeants wagon, we had been driving pretty much non stop all day until we found some barns close to midnight. The barn could only fit two tanks in and so we had to stay outside, which wasn’t a problem as the sky was crisp but clear and had been so all day.

    The turret was put sidewards so I could climb out, there’s a nice little slope on the front of the tank where you can kind of lie down. So me Daulby and Pickett did just that.

    All in our sleeping bags laughing, joking and having a few smokes on the front of my wagon we lay starring at the stars.

    What was strange was that within the hour we witnessed shooting stars, two military helicopters, very slow moving satellites and a military airplane. All had there own distinctive paterns of flashing lights or movement, as a shooting star gradually burns out or sometimes you can’t find that slow moving satellite you’ve just been tracking with your eyes for 3 minutes.

    Out of nowhere there were two blueish white balls only fractionally bigger than A stationary star in the sky. They were brighter than the stars which made them very easy to see in the clear night. They moved like they were dancing with each other but moving what must have been hundreds of miles apart and stopping on a sixpence. They moved like this for what seemed like 10 minutes but realistically was only about 2 or 3 minutes. But the speed and movement was almost frightening as my brain tried to comprehend it.

    They just vanished like someone turned the lights out??, as all this unfolded we said can you see that “yea” what is that …so on! And when they went we sparked up and we all felt a bit overwhelmed and strangly paranoid as if they had put on a show just for us??

    We all witnessed the build up show of planes helicopters satellites shooting stars but even to this day I can’t say the words “i saw a ufo” just because it seems so bizarre to say it, i know in my heart what it was and I’m certainly not bothered if anyone else thinks I’m a looney I know what i saw and so does the two other lads, one that I still speak too who is still serving in the regiment today …i was medically discharged 2013 October

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