Location of Sighting: Wiltshire england
Date of Sighting: 2013
Time: 3am
Witness Name: Tony

Witness Statement: Popped out for smoke on a very clear night. Looked and saw a small light. Believed it to be a satalite way up, have seen many inc the iss. Then noticed there where 3 in a line following then same course. This i’d never seen before. Then the middle light stopped for a second and moved off at 45 degress to its pervious course. Not a plane or satalite???? Freaked me out. Still see many satalittes but nothing like that night.


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Updated: April 7, 2014 — 8:56 pm


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  1. There are satellites that orbit in groups, eg the American NOSS satellites – see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Naval_Ocean_Surveillance_System

    Needless to say, taking off suddenly at a 45-degree angle is not typical satellite behaviour.

  2. last august 2013 I was out looking for meteors from the perseid shower I had seen two and also the iss going from west to east when I noticed two bright starlike lights moving steadily from the south in a northly direction as I observed them a third light appeared behind them evenly spaced . this light than passed the light ahead of it, passed between the two and than returned to the rear.all three lights than faded out. this all happened in about twenty seconds max.i have studied ufos for 25 years,done many night watches and never seen anything like this before .it happened directly overhead and left me feeling shocked. I would love an answer to this

  3. Hi Eddie,

    I wish the owners of these objects would publish a timetable for us, but it’s all so random isn’t!.

    Just count yourself lucky to have witnesses such a bizarre event!.

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