Wirral-17th June 2014

Location of Sighting: Wirral
Date of Sighting: 17 June 2014
Time: 13:00
Witness Name: jay n joel

Witness Statement: me and my friend was watching a plane fly over quite high up and seen a small ,maybe the size of the cockpit ,all i can say is a small reflective surface that shone bright when it caught the sun as it was only visable when it shone , it moved along the planes contrail and into a near by cloud were it stopped and was visible when the sun hit it another plane was flying by when it came back the way it came from and followed that planes contrail for about 45 seconds then came back to the same patch of sky and was trying to hide in clouds but know and then you would see the light hit it .. my freind and i was speechless we have watched satellites go across our sky saying what if one changed direction and laughed about it ,, but broad day light changed direction and speed so many times and we watched this for 20 mins or so .. we only had a I phone camera and this would not pic it up and didnt want to put up a questionable video to bring doubt to this ..


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Updated: June 23, 2014 — 9:41 pm


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  1. Hi jay n Joel
    this may be of interest to you
    happening this friday in Liverpool.
    Tim Good – ufologist will be speaking.
    We are trying to start a ufo/anomaly group in Merseyside.
    We live on the Wirral.
    Pete and ishtar

  2. You sound like nice lads and it’s a good story, but I wasn’t born yesterday.

  3. So you saw the object stop in a cloud? Secondly, are you sure you did not see a large bird, for example a seagull they reflect light?

  4. “Maybe the size of the cockpit?” I’ve been in small ones and big ones, which is it?

    I used to stop in clouds as well(the Russians are very good at it as well), have a little sleep, a cup of tea and maybe a little slap and tickle with an air hostess. If hope you believe this as well.

  5. Around 7pm to 8pm 14th November 2014, I asked my 8year old niece if she wanted to walk the dog with me. So off we go , we live in Bidston, we didn’t go far ,just yards away from our house. Looking up i says to my niece wow babe look at how clear the sky is , looking up my niece reply s yeah aunty lesley we can see all the stars , so we stopped to admire I then says to her “A??? “D’izz”(my nik-name4 my niece) Are you onto the amount of “flashing” lights up there??? ye aunty lesley they are planes, ye D’izz but look “how many” quite busy traffic what do you think ? so we start to count the flashing lights. we counted more than 7 ahead of us , we turn to head back and she say wow there are 3 more planes you can tell they are heading to airport can’t you ,(very bright 8year old) starts to explain how she knows this , but she stops talking and says in serious tone”AUNTY LESLEY WHAT THE HELL IS THAT” shocked i spun to my left to pardon her! BUT I stopped and says “Fluff” D’izz what the HELL is that !!! to the right of us is a massively huge bright orange ball of something it travelled in a straight line just above the rooftops of the houses , i said do you think its a lantern, a logical answer BUT i know IT DEFINITELY was NOT Far to big and lanterns go up in a floaty diagonal ,depending on the winds. my niece no way thats massive and look at the speed its like zooooom she says following it with her arm out finger pointed. we both starts to question each other what could it be meteor,comet?? I ask her in panic of excited jumps ah you have your phone , quick phone ye aunty or ye mum (both back at ours) tell them get on front and look at sky .towards green hill … which she does we both still watching this huge ball of orange zooom across the sky , the niece jumping and growling at her phone pick up pick up , ah you 2 quick go on front and look at this in the sky, go go go before it goes!! i can hear other end what? where? i join in out loud get in the road and look at what is above us…. we’re only half way in the ave , suddenly the niece is quite and then she’s “wow its shrinking” we’re stood watching this and then ,in the words of my niece “Pow! its Gone! she grabs my arm , drags me and our lab , whats going on ? always freaky things in the sky isn’t there aunty lesley , ufo’s in the summer she / we also seen those 3 lights mentioned by many on this site , that crazy sliver triangle thingy ,remember me &mum phone yous to get out and look up towards our house. oh and my birthday bonfire night i looks straight above me and there is a ball of light definitely not fire works , those 2 meaning her mum&aunty were too busy watching fireworks over that way and points her arm towards liverpool , stating which direction she was looking with her other arm in a 3 oclock pose!! she is only just 8 years turned and i’d like to hear what/if others seen too. Alls i can say is from the mouths of babes , as all mentioned above was mainly witnessed by my niece and obviously myself tonight & it was the child who had spoke with the fact of what in front off her , clearly was not & definitely what could be. so to lighten the mood i says ppf! Fluff that kid we’re not getting zapped by aliens , its nearly christmas & dont think ufo takes dogs ,

  6. A large orange ball of light disappearing doesn’t sound alien to me. Space debris burning up in the atmosphere. Awaits the “at rooftop level”retort. Anything can look as though it’s at rooftop level at the right angle in darkness.

  7. Gentlemen, gentlemen… This clearly is a strange case, and no my dear Nemo, not the work of Chinese lanterns either… 😉

  8. Gary, response would have been faster than 3years broken-laptop-screen… The mention of “roof top” was to give an idea of the size. I actually did not say it was anything “ALIEN” So please recognise tried to make light of quite a scary moment.
    My little niece brings up the memory of strange experience.
    Gary thinking about it ? define alien …. to be of unknown origin not native to earth.
    (or person in foreign country.like the lyrics of STING)<wink wink<
    Usual objects seen in the sky are aeroplanes other known aircraft , drones including sun moon etc…..etc . nit picking of facts???

    Also responding to The Man In Black defin-Not lanterns , certainly was strange .

  9. Genuine or Cult! Know the warning signs of charlatans that prey on people for control and profit.


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