Wollaton Nottingham – 5th August 2013

Location of Sighting: Wollaton Nottingham UK
Date of Sighting: 5th August 2013
Time: 21.30
Witness Name: S Bullock

Witness Statement: Bright object at about 9.30pm in the sky over Wollaton/Bramcote Nottingham UK it seemed quite large and looked like a plane on fire. At first we thought it was a plane in trouble falling from the sky as it disappeared downwards in a diving motion and we could see it falling as if on fire and could be seen lit up through and behind the trees .There was no noise about 10 seconds it suddenly appeared to fly back up into view and was static for a moment,its shape was now circular and very bright it then quickly manouvred round and then seemed to change shape to what looked like an elongated disc flying saucer type shape.It then moved off quickly to the left of my field of view..


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Updated: August 6, 2013 — 9:45 pm


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  1. I saw this as well and I got some video footage as well taken on my iphone which u can see it on but it was quite far away to see it very well but it was very strange looked like a plane on fire

  2. Show us the footage then.

  3. seen again in same area and much clearer on 15th September 2013

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