Woolavington, Somerset-23rd August 2008

Location of Sighting: Woolavington, Somerset
Date of Sighting: 23rd August 2008
Time: 9.15 pm
Witnesses: Gill

Witness Statement: It was 9.15pm and dark, but clear. At first i saw what we thought was a orangey/red planet over Woolavington housing estate. As we approached and parked on my daughters drive it moved overhead, it was very silent and really big, it was compleltly round, and the colour was solid. It went off in the direction iof Shipham/Cheddar and then shot up into the sky.
As we went home, my daughter phoned and said there were three more over her house, they at first went off in a line then formed a V.
The objects were seen as far afield as Shipham, Taunton, Curry rivel.We found this out as there was a phone in on the local radio the next day.
Then today{6.1.08} I was listening to Orchar FM, and the radio presenter siad he had also seen these Orngey/Red balls on Monday 5.1.09. In Burnham on Sea.
I hope my story is of interest to you.
I have looked at the chinese lanterns and can say that the thing I saw was nothing like them.
I am very interested to find out what it was I saw and will keep looking at these sites for possible answers!
Thanks for the work you do.

Best Wishes

Source:Direct request on UK-UFO

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