Location of Sighting: Wrexham
Date of Sighting: 2008
Time: about 9 pm or later
Witness Name: Anon

Witness Statement: we were setting up our rods ready to fish when a aeroplane (the type you would get at a airport) came flying towards the 2 of us at first i thought it was going to crash until it got closer as it came at an unusual angle it wasn?t nose diving it was in a flying position (straight) coming down and stopped above us about 10 foot above the trees and silent it was actually amazing to see something the wasn?t logical but i feel as if it didn’t happen but it did because i asked my friend and he also ask’s me i it happened we both remember it but like i said its like it never. the saying ?you have to see it to believe it? would not feel right to say about the event that happened any way he sprinted that fast up the bank i felt the mud flick of his shoes while i was trying to grab our new rods but decided to leave them split second and run after him bit it sped of at unusual silent speed without a sonic boom which was unusual for how fast it went i carried on running to the car where there where many people looking up 2 the skies after seeing a bright light lighting up the river which we both never saw, we got into the car and drove flat out until we were miles away safely but the thing that gets me is that we were only out for an hour at the most but were gone for nearly 3 hours.

Source: www.uk-ufo.co.uk

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Updated: September 28, 2011 — 9:15 pm

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