Wymondham, Norfolk-7th June 2014

Location of Sighting: Wymondham, Norfolk
Date of Sighting: 07 June 14
Time: 22.37
Witness Name: Liam

Witness Statement: I let the cat in from the garden and as it was a nice evening I decided to sit out side for a bit and take in the night sky with the wife. After about 10 minutes I notice a bright white light coming from the south so i quickly ran inside and got my camera ready and got some video footage and also some pictures. The object was moving quite slowly across the sky from South then started to head north,north east. The object was very bright and white in color and with no noise. I can say 100% it was not a lantern or a satellite and not the space station so what was it?. Speed the object was moving was around 50mph if on land but it was hard to tell the altitude of the object. The only thing that it could of been was a lightening ball that I have heard of but never seen but that’s a little hard as it was a clear night? Also RAF Lakenheath and Mildenhall are on the doorstep.


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  1. Myself & wife noticed this but on the evening of the 5th June 2014….(Heacham area, North Norfolk). Both watched it at c22:00 hrs and again by me at c23:30 hrs. Can confirm ‘solid white light’ moving slowly on what appeared to be a pre-defined route. The direction it seemed to be heading was on a direct course for RAF Marham. Too low for plane and too high for the ‘home made’ stuff we get around here (light aircraft, gyrocopters etc). Totally silent and non flashing white light made me think ‘Drone’ of sorts. I did make contact the next day with the PR/Media bod at RAF Marham but all knowledge was denied and I was (politely) fobbed off with are you sure it wasn’t chinese lantern/gyrocoptor etc. When I said ‘not to worry then, if I see it again i’ll take a picture and contact a news paper next time’ the bod got all serious and asked me my name…………gulp!. No black helicopters over my house or men in black knocking on my door …….yet!

  2. You might want to look up the ISS…

  3. This is the same object I saw. I am stationed on RAF Mildenhall. This was not a flying object from RAF Lakenheath or RAF Mildenhall.

  4. You can say 100% it wasn’t the ISS how? That is exactly what you are describing but insist that it’s not? There must be a reason?

  5. @ Luke

    Read the report, it says “I can say 100% it was not a lantern or a satellite and not the space station”

  6. This is the exact same object that was seen by Myself and my Husband on the 7th June outside our house in Ireland at 23.40
    Also a friend who lives in Gloucestershire saw it same date at 23.30

  7. The 2330/2340 sightings do tie in with a pass by the ISS and, given the geographical spread of reports, I’d suggest this is what those witnesses saw. The sightings at around 2240, however, present a problem: the previous ISS pass was at around 2205.

  8. This was not ISS, because ISS was located south of Africa at the time. I posted about this sighting as well and ISS came up, so I verified. Also, it was too bright to be ISS.

  9. bright light – high up – ‘its the ISS’ duh .. its like having Homer Simpson on the case

  10. Actually Alderley, you do remind me of Homer Simpson with your comments! I find them Duff!

  11. Mssrs Alderley and Nemo need a sachet of good manners… 😉

  12. To clear this up, would you kindly post your video footage and/or photos please? Without that, we’re going to go round in ever-decreasing circles.On reflection, it might have been the searchlight on a police chopper.

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