Yarlside Scottish Borders-21st February 2013

Location of Sighting: B6397 Yarlside…. St Boswells to Kelso rd, Scottish Borders
Date of Sighting: 21/02/2013
Time: 21:30
Witness Name: Grant Gately

Witness Statement: My friend and I seen an unusual white light in the sky so pulled over to watch it.
It split into what looked like two bright orange glowing objects then another four orange glowing lights appeared from nowhere above the ones that were already there. They hovered for about 5 minutes and it was like they were causing the clouds/smoke to swirl. we then jumped in the car and drove off as it was quite unnerving !! as we drove away it appeared to follow parallel to the car then we were out of sight of it. This wasnt any plane/lantern. Photos also submitted.

image (1)



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Updated: August 10, 2013 — 8:59 pm


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  1. Hi Grant,
    Very interesting sighting – all that I can say, is that in my own personal opinion, this is not a standard aircraft/helicopter/blimp, etc, that you saw.
    The only things that I may suggest could be Chinese Lanterns,
    BUT, these are not usually white & splitting up! They don’t normally cause smoke/cloud to swirl.
    Is this some form of geological anomaly perhaps? i.e. Earth Lights? These sometimes occur before major earthquakes in other parts of the world. I suggest perhaps checking B.G.S. website in February 2013 and see if anything comes up!! -Paul

  2. I cannot see what they are from the pictures, Paul says it all for me above. However, there is quite a reflection on the clouds. Interesting.

  3. Well done for the pics, loads of people her describe sightings that lasted half an hour with no proof.

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