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York-14th February 2010

Location of Sighting: York
Date of Sighting: 14/02/2010
Time: 18:15
Witness Name: David Hulme

Witness Statement: Whilst driving south along Haxby Road, towards the Nestlé factory, I saw an orange light moving high in the sky. It looked firey orange, was complete silent, and did not flash. It moved from the north to the south and as the fire-ball/object moved silently southwards it faded and ‘sent out’.
I and my son have seen a total of 5 of these over the last 4 months.
They are not aircraft (no sound at all, no strobe lighting, no colours other than orange).
They move at about the speed of a helicopter flying overhead but completely silently.
They act like a satellite overpass, in that the suddenly appear, grow more intense in brightness and then fade out.
Are these piece of satellite debris burning and arcing across the night sky in a north to south direction?
Has anyone else seen these?


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Updated: February 14, 2010 — 10:43 pm


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  1. I’ve seen these, you can see my entries under Yate Avon. I can’t be sure they’re not satellites, but they are very odd. Every satelitte I’ve seen is white not orange.

    There are several reports on this site of similar objects, at various places in the country and at all different times. Ely in Cambridgeshire was last week.

    A gentleman did very kindly give me 2 websites for satellite tracking but I can’t understand them very well!

  2. Hi David…i saw the exact same thing you describe flying over the east of nairn last night(14 feb 2010 8pm)…i couldn’t believe my eyes…i describe the object also as orange, fire-ball like and was in the sky prbably around 1-3,000 feet(hard to tell) and travelled ina north-north-east direction…there was no noise whatsoever…the whole sighting was bizarre…definitely wasn’t a plane, a helicopter or a chinese lantern…nothing like any of these things…it was travelling in a straight line at a constant speed which is hard to tell what speed, but i would say as fast as an aircraft…it vanished away behind a large cloud in the distance and it never appeared again…i just said to my self “wow” that was truely amazing…i reported it to nairn police thinking they may be able to find out if the object turned up on radar either at RAF Kinloss or Dalcross Airport…i am blown away at the shear amount of sightings of exactly the same thing over the uk…surely someone has the answer…mindboggling! might go to the same spot and try to get an eyeball tonight and take a camera.

  3. Hello

    My wife and I saw a total of 10 of these orange/red lights last night (14 Feb 2010). They were still in the air, just hovered for about 10mins and appeared to fade above the clouds. My wife went upstairs and watched another move across the sky and stop in exactly the same place as the previous lights, it just hovered for about 5 mins then seemed to fade into the clouds. The appeared to be in a formation similar to the plough, they were all static and just hovered

    Peter Wright

  4. I live in California, and last night I saw the exact light that you both described. it might have been early morning around 2. I was looking at the sky for a little while when a small round glow appeared while traveling in a horizontal motion, then the glow dissapeared. This is the first time seeing such things in the night sky.

  5. I live in Redcar, and seen this at around 11am 14th feb!. At first i thought it was a hellicopter on fire falling from the sky, but it just dissapeard!.

  6. It started as a huge object falling from the sky, leaving a trail of white. Then after it dissapeard, a star like object appeard, alot smaller, it fell down just the same and then faded.Every time each one faded another would appear and then fade. Around 4 all together.

  7. hii i have seen these to ,. i live in clifton. i found ot that they are not u.f.o’s but chinese lantins that ppl was letting off for valentines day .. i have got one my self =]

  8. I saw one of these last night (16/3/10)over haxby it wasnt a satalite or iss as it was too low and it was totally clouded over therefore must have been fairly low.was travelling too way fast to be chinese lantern !!!

  9. I too have REGULARLY seen these orange ‘things’ flyin in the sky.
    I’m sayin they’re U.F.O’s or anything, but I live on 3rd flats in centre of York and often see them.
    They are as everyone else sez, orange ball flying SILENTLY through the sky, then fade away to nothing.
    WHAT ARE THEY?…………

  10. Believe me you are all describing Chinese lanterns. Wind speeds can be relatively high at altitude and the lanterns are closer than you perceive, hence the notion of speed at which they appear travelling.

  11. Hi Eve,

    I think it’s important to remember that orange lights have been seen in the skies way before the invention of the humble ‘Chinese Lantern’.

    There are so many examples in this comment section alone that would rule out the Chinese Lanterns theory.

    One example is the original poster, ‘David Hulme’, who said in his statement that: ‘They act like a satellite overpass, in that the suddenly appear, grow more intense in brightness and then fade out’.

    Bearing in mind that a Chinese Lantern has a simple candle (for lift) and a candle is incapable of growing ‘intense’ in brightness, and as the candle is light before launching, how would you explain it’s ‘sudden’ appearance’ to David?.

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